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New York City Marathon Signs Tata Consultancy as Title Sponsor

The Giants, Jets and Steelers are the only teams in the league that are below minus-4 in this area right now. 23: That’s the percentage of third downs the Giants have converted on offense this season, which ranks dead-last in the NFL. Since 2005, that number has never been below 35 percent. 50: That’s the percentage of third downs the Giants have had converted against them this season, which also ranks dead-last in the NFL. Since 2005, that number’s never been above 43 percent. Giants on third down 50% (32nd) NFL.com 69.1 and 56.3: That’s Eli Manning’s passer rating and completion percentage, and both numbers rank in the bottom-six in the league, respectively. That rating is his lowest since his 2004 rookie campaign. He also leads the league with nine interceptions and has been sacked more times than all but two other quarterbacks. A list of qualifying quarterbacks with lower ratings than Manning: Chad Henne, Christian Ponder, Geno Smith, Brandon Weeden, Josh Freeman and Blaine Gabbert. 65.3: That’s Manning’s accuracy percentage, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). That’s a revised rateit takes dropped passes, spikes and throwaways into accountand it’s a formula that has determined that only Josh Freeman (now benched) has been less accurate than Manning this season. Where Eli Manning ranks 31st Pro Football Reference/Focus 4: That’s the number of sacks the Giants have recorded this season, which is tied for last in the league. They also have the lowest sack percentage in football. They averaged 3.0 sacks per game two years ago, 2.1 sacks per game last year and are now averaging 1.0 sacks per game one month into the 2013 campaign. The pass rush just doesn’t exist. 34: That’s the yard-line opposing teams are starting on against the Giants, which gives New York’s defense the shortest average field in the league to defend. 1,700: That’s the number of yards Victor Cruz is on pace to compile in 2013, which would be a career high. Yes, this is a positive stat.Cruz is also on pace to eclipse the 100-catch plateau while catching 16 touchdown passes. He’s having a remarkable season. Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports 3.9: That’s how many yards per attempt the Giants have surrendered on the ground, which ranks above the league average.

Some companies and organizations planning to provide navigator services do not even require criminal background checks for their employees. It is that lack of concern about security that has some critics of the program concerned and demanding firms like the one in Florida do a better job of truly fulfilling their obligations. Americans ought to applaud those who insist organizations and companies providing navigator services be concerned about clients’ security. Those who consider that a distraction have no business being involved in the program. ___ The Daily Star of Oneonta on cuts to the federal food stamps program. Sept. 30. It should come as no surprise that when lawmakers last week were looking to wring savings from the federal budget, food stamps ended up on the chopping block. But the Republican House vote to cut $39 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program what used to be called food stamps is an example of misguided legislators being penny-wise and pound foolish. The most obvious reason why the move was a waste of time is its likelihood of being signed into law; the Democrat-controlled Senate doesn’t appear likely to strip food stamps from their usual place in the farm bill, and President Barack Obama issued a veto threat before the House vote. But the House’s insistence on passing symbolic gestures means it didn’t have time to reconcile its bill with that of the Senate by today, the day the current farm bill is set to expire. There’s also the question of whether it’s moral to take food benefits away from needy Americans at a time when the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high at 7.6 percent and when Congress has done little in recent memory to stimulate demand or reduce unemployment. But aside from the question of morality, cutting food stamps at a time when consumer spending is sputtering is just bad economics. According to the U.S.

Though the partnership is signed and work will begin now on improving the NYRRs technology structure, Wittenberg said, the name change will begin Nov. 4, the day after this years NYC Marathon that is expected to draw about 48,000 runners. Were babes in the woods in terms of where we are with technology, Wittenberg said. There are a lot of areas we lead with New York Road Runners. I dont think its technology right now. TCS, a Mumbai-based part of Tata Sons Ltd., India s largest industrial conglomerate, has about 277,000 consultants in 44 countries, generating revenue of $11.6 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, according to the statement. Other Marathons TCS has been the title sponsor of the Amsterdam Marathon and had smaller sponsorship deals with the races in New York, Boston , Chicago and Berlin, as well as running events in India. About 50 percent of TCSs business is U.S. based, according to Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chief executive officer. Wellness, fitness, education; these are the types of initiatives we actively promote in the communities, Chandrasekaran said in a telephone interview. It helps us to bring the talent that we have to leverage in the work we do in communities, and it helps us to energize our workforce. Last years NYC Marathon was amid criticism over initial plans to hold the race days after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the city. We have since last November focused on being here with all of our full energy and resources for our community in New York, Wittenberg said. International Logo Still, the new NYC Marathon logo has a global focus, with blue, yellow, red and green roads leading into the Statue of Liberty, an image that most represents New York City as welcoming the world, Wittenberg said. The New York race has a large international contingent, with last years 47,000 entries including 20,000 from outside the U.S.

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