Justin Bieber Carried Up The Great Wall Of China By His Bodyguards – Pics

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Guess it does pay off to have people know who you are. Nicki Minaj Not only did Nicki Minaj commit a cardinal sin of steak-eating, but she also donned her oversized diva crown recently when she had someone bring in a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce while dining at a Hollywood restaurant. TMZ was on hand to probe Minaj on her way out, of course, and the singer said she always uses A1. Thank goodness she didn’t have to be deprived! Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera? Diva? NO! The Genie in a Bottle princess turned Voice judge reportedly demands she be allowed to watch playbacks of every scene shes in on the singing competition series. If she thinks she looks fat, she requests a reshoot. Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg was working hard to live up to his gangster reputation in April 2006 when he was banned from British Airways for causing a brawl with police in Heathrow Airport. Snoops inebriated entourage planted themselves in a VIP lounge and was asked to leave. Naturally, they werent in the mood to be accommodating. A brawl broke out, and the group reportedly smashed display cabinets and injured seven police officers, including breaking ones hand. No one asks Snoop to leave!

Justin Bieber A Real Diva? Singer Carried By Bodyguards Up The Great Wall Of China [PHOTOS]

A photo surfaced on Twitter showing the teenage pop icon perched atop his bodyguards’ shoulders as they carry him up the steep steps. In the shot, two bystanders can be seen looking down from above, seemingly stunned by the star’s approach, not that we blame them. “Justin being carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China today in Beijing, China (September 30th, 2013),” the tweet, posted by @BelieveTUpdates, reads. View gallery . Another view of the Bieber lift (Twitter) Perhaps even more surprising, however, is the fact that Bieber’s fans don’t seem very put off by his behavior. “Only Justin would have somebody carry him up the Great Wall of China.” @bieberandsupras tweeted . “Aw my baby boy.” And @MusicOfKidrauhl echoed this approval tweeting , “I still can’t get over the fact hat Justin made his bodyguards carry him to the top o the great wall of China. He is lazy like me haha.” Not everyone thought the star’s antics were amusing. “JUSTIN, DUDE, U ACTUALLY ASKED PEOPLE TO CARRY YOU? SOMEONE’S GOING A LITTLE DIVA I SEE,” @ohkidrauhIfeels vented . Another photo , shows Justin and his crew celebrating their arrival at the top of the wall. “We made it up top!!

Dont get us wrong, we generally hate moving. Its just SO much effort. Why would we bother when we could be sat on the sofa, endlessly scrolling through Tumblr? But even we, the laziest of the lazy, would probably make a bit of an effort if we were visiting one of the wonders of the world. But not really doing himself many favourites to fight his diva image, Justin Bieber arrived at The Great Wall of China this week, and after seeing that it was ruddy long, decided he couldnt really be arsed to walk along it and would much rather be CARRIED along it instead. Fantastic. Maybe feeling connections to all the emperors of years gone by, Justin was literally carried up the Great Wall of China as he sat on the shoulders of two of the most massive men weve ever seen. El Biebo seemed to generally be enjoying the gentle ride, whilst the burly bodyguards sweated it out as they hoiked him through the massive journey, which judging by his posture in the piccie, he spent playing on his phone. As if that wasnt enough, Justin was later spotted skating around the local area of the historical and highly respected attraction, which meant that his security had to keep a fast-paced sprint to stay close to him. Not gonna lie, if we were them wed probably have just sat on the curb and kept our fingers crossed that there were no crazies about. The one on the right looks a bit out of breath, bless him. Even some hardcore Beliebers have slammed Justin for his slightly bratty behaviour at the Great Wall, with one fan tweeting I feel for Justins bodyguards. Justins bodyguards must be very highly paid, and another writing Justin, dude, u actually asked people to carry you? Someones going a little diva I see. Justin is currently making his entourage sprint after him across the Eastern hemosphere, as hes travelling across Singapore, Bangkok and China with his Believe tour. What do you think of el Biebos latest crazy antics?

Justin Bieber

Instagram/justinbieber Justin Bieber (4) Justin being carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China today in Beijing, China (September 30th, 2013) pic.twitter.com/uaDsXLD8li BelieveTourUpdates (@BelieveTUpdates) September 30, 2013 Just like a real diva, Justin ordered his poor minders to carry him so he wouldnt have to wear out his dainty body. And thats not the only photo of his astounding behaviour thats been circulating online. In a separate incident, he was photographed skateboarding around town in Beijing, forcing his team to sprint after him. Must Read Breaking Bad Breaks Records with 10.3 Million Viewers, Australia Tops Illegal Downloads of Final Episode Sponsorship Link I find it funny that they have to run beside Justin to protect him haha pic.twitter.com/cHtikNF7qE i want ur lolly so i (@KidrauhlsShovel) September 30, 2013 Justin was skating around china and the body guards running after him pic.twitter.com/emIb6xY1EY Justin Bieber (@DatCanadianBoy) September 29, 2013 But while the 19-year-old singers fans thought that their idol being carried or chased around is cute, there are people, particularly non-Beliebers, who dont think highly of Justins bratty actions. One Twitter user commented that Justin had the opportunity to visit an iconic place, yet he failed to relish the experience by acting a diva. I thought slavery was illegal, another user added. For a guy who insists of showing off his muscles ALL THE TIME, youd think Bieber would have used them here, the official Twitter account of the Gossip Girl series posted. Perhaps it isnt surprising anymore that the controversial singer relied heavily on his bodyguards during his China visit. As former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader revealed in May, the Baby hitmaker has had a horde of assistants waiting for him when he guest starred in the U.S. sketch comedy series. Bill told Howard Stern on the laters show that Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys. He had a guy holding a slice of pizza. A guy holding a diet coke.

The neighbour had reportedly saved evidence of Justin spitting on him, but the singer insisted the incident had never happened. The D.A. concluded that since it was a case of one persons word against another the charges should be dropped, reports TMZ. According to the D.A., threats Justin made to the neighbour at the time were not considered to be serious. “I will beat the sh*t out of you and I will f**king kill you,” Justin allegedly told the man. The D.A. believed the singers actions were “disproportionate and immature, but since the neighbour had entered the property without invitation, Bieber’s actions did not rise to the level of a criminal threat. Justin was also facing a speeding case, where he was accused of driving recklessly around his neighbourhood in Calabasas, Los Angeles. But videotape of the incident showed Justin was actually riding behind the car on his motorcycle at the time he was accused of driving it. The investigators also took into account that Justins friend rapper Tyler, the Creator openly took responsibility for driving the Ferrari. Justin is currently on the China leg of his Believe tour. The 19-year-old was recently snapped having his bodyguards physically carry him up the stairs of the Great Wall of China. When they got to the top, his pal Alfredo Flores posted a picture of the whole group posing.

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